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The things you need to know about Laser Teeth Whitening

Due to the different bad habits like smoking and drinking staining beverages, a lot of people suffer from teeth discoloration. Individuals who have a problem with teeth discoloration often end up having low self-esteem and confidence aside from suffering from a bad smile. If you are one of these people who suffer from teeth discoloration, some treatments can adequately address your problem. Nowadays, many more people are considering getting laser teeth whitening, otherwise known as light accelerated bleaching or power whitening. This procedure is considered to be the fastest and most efficient method to whiten your teeth. So effective, in fact, that it can whiten your teeth up to 10 shades up. Also, the results you get from laser teeth whitening last longer than the ones you get from other teeth whitening methods.

blue light laser teeth whitening

What’s Involved in Laser Teeth Whitening?

Aside from the initial screening by the dentist, what is involved in getting your teeth whitened by a laser?

Here are the steps in the laser teeth whitening procedure:

1. Cleaning – The dentist will first clean the patient’s teeth. The dentist will also make certain that there are no dental concerns in the mouth, such as untreated cavities. If there are, these will need to be fixed before the bleaching.

2. Anti-Inflammatory – Some dentists may prescribe some form of anti-inflammatory before the whitening procedure, especially if the patient is known for sensitivity since tooth whitening can cause short-term sensitivity.

3. Whitening – The dentist will ensure that your gums are protected from the solution before doing anything else. The dentist will then likely use a syringe to apply the whitening solution to the facet of the teeth. Dentists will then generally use a laser, similar to the shape of a pen, to activate the solution. The dentist will then remove the solution before applying it again, possibly several times in one session. At the end of the procedure, your mouth will be rinsed and the gum protection that was put in place will be removed.

4. Follow-up – While everyone wishes it was, teeth whitening is not permanent by any means. Teeth can become stained again after the procedure, especially when the patient does not limit themselves to the amount of soda, tea, and coffee, certain foods and cigarettes that they have. A follow-up is recommended every six months or so if you consume teeth-staining beverages and foods or take part in teeth-staining habits. Otherwise, you may be able to go as long as a few years before your next session.
Today using the most recent technology, tooth brightening could be done easily and in some instances, the teeth may be whitened beyond its natural tooth shade. The laser teeth whitening process can repair some kinds of yellow, brown and spotted tooth staining and is suitable for folks of various age groups. This is a good choice in restoring the brightness and getting the smile alive.
Within London, laser teeth whitening is done in treatment centers using true laser light system coming from Opus 10 as well as Laser Smile. Red light is produced any time laser tooth whitening are conducted.

Here are a few benefits of laser light teeth bleaching:

1. It’s a lot quicker and the gentlest whitening program compared to an ordinary or non-laser system. Laser teeth whitening needs only sixteen minutes of teeth whitening gel-to-teeth contact time when compared with sixty minutes for the non-laser system.

2. In laser system, you don’t need to put on the tray all night while in some other bleaching technique it requires the whitening gel to be donned overnight.

3. The Less post-procedure level of sensitivity and faster treatment time because the laser teeth whitening system has more effective laser energy because of exact wavelengths.
There are some points that must be taken into account ahead of going through laser light teeth bleaching treatment.
It’s not appropriate for alcohol users or smokers to undergo whitening. It must be avoided before the teeth undergo bleaching treatment. Cigarette smoking is the reason for injury to gums and flesh on the teeth and may trounce the benefit of whitening. The top clients about laser light teeth whitening are those people who have got their teeth discolored caused by aging, coffee or cigarettes.

Pre-existing restoration such as caps, veneers, bonding, bridges and tooth fillings are not suitable for whitening; rather it will be replaced to complement with the color of your freshly whitened pearly whites.

More than half of those who go through laser teeth bleaching will experience the particular discomfort of sensitive teeth for one – four days. However, the ache will simply relieve when the bleaching is nearly done. A few translucent teeth might seem darker the following whitening.
It is required to have a guarded prognosis for tooth bleaching and also substitutions of amalgam are needed to avoid the greening effect.
The amount of tooth whiteness from one person to another varies. Also, the result of color tone change depends on each’s response to the bleaching agent. Some individuals might react in this situation.